The gigantic messaging service WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app which stands at the top position on the market and it is increasing its good fame each and every day with the new updates. The recent Status message has increased the overall messaging experience. One can share the files to their WhatsApp contacts in any format. Recently, WhatsApp has bought a new feature where the users can share the files of any format.One can also share the files such as APK files, MP3s, archives or any other type of file. The feature was in the complete testing phase and an interesting fact is that it works on the web based client also. The folks can share a wide variety of the sources to share files with the contacts. The latest update also adds more functionality to the base as well.

One can select the pictures, videos from the app’s camera interface. This one makes it easier for the folks to share their pictures and the videos as a ready list which is available to easily choose the pictures from. It is an ease of access to the Smartphone’s gallery. The ability to share a file with any format is a great advantage for the users. This gives a complete package and there is no restriction to share the texts with their contacts.

There are also many other internet messaging apps such as Google’s Allo which is similar to that of WhatsApp. Recently, a Snapchat feature which is known to be Status has been added in WhatsApp. But the other feature which is known to be GIF creating tool still has not been developed in WhatsApp.

But recently, Facebook has started its testing feature in the GIF creating tool in its app’ camera feature. This will automatically add more functionality to the app’s camera section. The folks have also the option available to integrate the multiple effects of the camera app. The public is expecting for this feature but the exact date has not been specified or detailed.