In the present era, there is a huge list that WhatsApp will launch its new feature which is named as the recall and revoke feature on its stable version. But the company is yet to release the feature. The recall feature has also been spotted on the WhatsApp beta version on the Windows Phone. It is mainly to be noted that new WhatsApp features eventually arrive last on the Windows Phones when it is compared to that of Android and iOS.A recent report says that WhatsApp Beta version of Windows Phone has the most expected recall feature. The latest Beta version of WhatsApp has also added a new option which is known to be Learn more about the recall feature. There are about twenty new WhatsApp Features are introduced and spotted in the year 2017.

The recall feature on the latest WhatsApp beta version is reported that it is disabled by default and it is to be expected to be enabled in the next major update. Based on a series of updates, the new recall feature on WhatsApp will let the folks edit or recall a sent message.

This WhatsApp feature will work only if the receiver has not seen the message from the sender. At present, WhatsApp lets the folks delete the messages on the Smartphones and it is only possible within five minutes. The beta version of WhatsApp for the Windows Phone also adds a list of chat feature to the app which will allow the folks to select the multiple chats to perform several actions.

Even though it is not yet released this feature is very much expected among the billions of users globally, hopefully, WhatsApp releases this new feature as soon as possible. WhatsApp for the iphones received an update that added many new features for the folks. The updated one includes the WhatsApp photo, and video sharing a limit of about thirty. The ability to queue messages is a feature that has been available on Android. WhatsApp is working on day by day to improve the feature.